Rainlendar 2.3

Easy to use calendar that takes not much space on your desktop.
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Rainlendar is an easy to use calendar that has a wide choice of features and takes not much space on your desktop. It is an independent platform so it can be installed on Windows and Linux OS. The appearance can be modified with skins that can be mixed together.

The program is released in two versions: Rainlendar Lite 2.3 under a GPL license (Freeware) and Rainlendar Pro 2.3 that has an evaluation period and purchase request after this period. The Pro version has a cost of 15 EUR or $ 23.40.

The program also can be used with other calendars, use the iCalendar standard format that keeps events and tasks which can be easily transferred between applications. Also you can subscribe to online calendars for the verification of your outlook appointments using Rainlendar (option available only in the PRO version)

To be extremely simple, its appearance and configuration are incredible. Alarm options, multiple calendars and configuration of visualization where you can leave floating or integrating application to the desktop, make it an excellent tool for your time management at home or work.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Freeware.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Customizable.
  • Can work with other applications, information can be transferred.


  • To use the tool online, the outlook support, and shared calendar you need the PRO version.
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