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Rainlendar is a calendar that helps you keep all your stuff organized
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Rainlendar is a calendar for your desktop; it helps you keep all your stuff organized, set alarms and important dates, never miss a birthday, or forget an anniversary. You can also make a “to do” list, and entirely customize this little nice gadget.

Its a great tool whether you want to use it at home for your personal events, or at the office in order to keep all of your work organized. It’s extremely easy to install; you don’t even have to set any features when you launch the program for the first time; just double click the rainlendar icon and you are good to go. The first impression you get is that it's a handy, good looking, and pretty solid piece of software. You can drag it around your desktop, and it doesn’t really bother at all. Due to its transparency and size, you won’t even notice it’s there.
The interface is smooth, clean and modern, displaying the weekend days in red, and making it easy to check the day of the week, the month and even the week number. Rainlendar also features two small windows, one displaying events, and the other a “to do” list.

This trendy calendar offers a good deal of options, you can adjust almost every feature such as changing the skin, set it to be always on top, set hotkeys, alarms and even the weekend days. There’s virtually nothing you can’t change on this program, and that’s one of its strongest points.

This progras runs on windows, Linux and Mac, and the minimum requirements are as follows: you should have 15 mb of free hard disk space, a video card capable of showing transparency, and windows 2000(MAC OS X Tiger, or Ubuntu 7.10) or later.

You can change its language, but you’ll have to download the language files from the official website, and while you are at it, you may also want to check for different skins to download.

I use it myself and strongly recommend it, I find it to be one of the best free calendar software out there.

Tomas O'Rourke
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